What HVAC Options Do I Have?

A Guide To Finding The Best Air Conditioning And Heating System For Your Tucson Home

The Best Air Conditioning Options For Your Home

Investing in a new air conditioning and heating system is a powerful step to improving the comfort of your home all year round. Because your home matters to you, you want to make sure you are doing your homework to find what is best for you. However, there can be so many things that you are considering that trying to decide what is the best air conditioning option for you can quickly become overwhelming. 

We made this guide with the hope of making it easier to understand the major things any homeowner should consider when renovating their home with air conditioning.  In this article we will explain some of the common options for home air conditioning and heating. We hope that this guide helps people that are considering air conditioning for their home better understand what is involved so that they can make the best decision for their home.

Three technicians working together to install a rooftop air conditioning system in Tucson

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Size: Why Correct Air Conditioner Size Matters

When purchasing a new air conditioning system, one of the most important decisions in the process is determining the correct system size. The size of a system determines how much heating and cooling it can provide, and it is important that this size is carefully chosen based on the specific needs of the home. A properly sized air conditioning and heating system will work efficiently to keep your home or building comfortable all year round.

An improperly sized air conditioning system often leads to problems. A system too small will not meet the cooling and heating needs of the home and will not be comfortable on the hottest and coldest days. It will run for very long periods of time and struggle to reach the desired temperatures. A system that is too big will have the problem of constantly turning on and off for short periods of time. Not only does this put more stress on the equipment itself, but an oversized system will consume more energy and will not do a good job of controlling the humidity in your home.

Correct sizing is extremely important to ensuring the comfort of the home and should not be guessed or estimated. Licensed contractors use specialized software and calculations to make sure the correct system is being designed for the home. The calculations take into account many different aspects of the home, including the size of the building, its construction details, and the demands of the Arizona weather. To speak with a licensed contractor about what would be best for your home, contact us to schedule a meeting with our team.

Energy Efficiency: What is It? Which SEER Rating is Best For Me?

Another important choice to consider when you are purchasing a new air conditioning installation is the energy efficiency of the system. When we talk about a system’s energy efficiency, or its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), we are talking about a unit’s ability to efficiently turn electricity into cooling. A system with a higher SEER number will use less energy to cool down your home and cost less to operate than a same sized unit with a lower SEER number.

Most modern air conditioners have a SEER that ranges from 13 to 22. While higher efficiency systems have a higher upfront cost, they can offer energy savings that pay off over time. Additionally, higher efficiency systems come with more advanced features such as multiple stages of heating and cooling that help maintain more consistent temperatures and humidity control in your home.

How should you decide what is best for your home? Our recommendation for homeowners is to think about how long they see themselves living in the home they are upgrading. If you see yourself living in your home for more than ten years, we recommend choosing a more energy efficient air conditioning system for your home. You will benefit from a more comfortable home and will save on energy costs over time. If you have questions about air conditioning and energy efficiency options for your home, contact our team.

Brand: Does It Matter? What Brand of Air Conditioning is Best?

One of the biggest questions people tend to ask is: does the brand or manufacturer of the air conditioning system really matter? The simple answer to that question is that brand is important, but only so much. What will matter most for your home is the quality of the air conditioning installation and its design. Even the most premium and highest efficiency system will not properly control the temperature of your house or building if the installation and design behind the system are not done correctly. This is why it is important to work with a reputable licensed contractor that will make sure that your air conditioning system and its installation will be properly designed to meet the needs of your home.

Logo for Carrier, HVAC manufacturer and our main partner for air conditioning systems
At Mr. John, our main partner for air conditioning systems is Carrier. Carrier is a leading American HVAC manufacturer, founded by Willis Carrier in 1915. Today, Carrier produces top quality air conditioning and heating systems that are energy efficient and quiet.

When trying to decide on the best air conditioning option for your home, there are some significant benefits to choosing a reputable brand. Purchasing an HVAC system from a quality manufacturer like Carrier means that you can rest easy knowing that your system was designed by teams of engineers with quality, durability, and performance in mind. These companies have a long history of creating good products and providing support if your system needs servicing down the road.

We understand that purchasing a new HVAC system is a big investment. Choosing to go with a top-leading brand and a good licensed contractor paves the way for a positive, long-lasting investment.

Type of Air Conditioning System: Packaged, Split-System, or Mini-Split?

Another important element that goes into choosing the best air conditioning option for your home is deciding on the best form factor. The three main types of central air conditioning systems are packaged units, split systems, and ductless mini-splits. While all three types of air conditioners do the same thing – provide heating and cooling for your home – their physical designs are different. The different types of HVAC systems allow for air conditioning and heating to be adapted into homes regardless of their architecture and design.

Image of a rooftop air conditioning and heating system
A high quality Carrier rooftop air conditioning and gas heating system.

To learn more about the different types of systems and which one is right for you, visit What Air Conditioning Form Factor Is Right For My Home?

For specific questions about the best HVAC system design for your home contact us to speak with our team.

Working with an HVAC Licensed Contractor

Finally, whether you are considering air conditioning for your home or in the process of buying a new system, make sure that you seek the help of a licensed HVAC contractor. Working with someone that isn’t licensed for air conditioning and heating has a much higher risk of problems with the installation or performance which can result in a higher overall cost.

Licensed contractors have the training, expertise, and experience to provide high quality system designs and installation work, and can help you find the best air conditioning and heating solution for your home. Licensed contractors know the codes and regulations regarding the proper installation of HVAC units, which ensures good performance and protects the safety of your family and home.

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