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Financing your air conditioning or solar system

Finding money for home renovations is never easy. At least, that is what the data says. Over eighty percent of American homeowners simply do not have the cash saved up to pay for meaningful renovations on their home.

Our mission at Mr. John is to make the process of financing your dream home as easy and as cost effective as possible. Whether you are interested in financing your new furnace or are wanting to go solar, Mr. John has got you covered. With our strong partnerships to the leading financiers in home renovation, we make sure that you are able to get the home improvement of your dreams with zero down, low interest rates, and affordable monthly payments.

Budget your home improvement with financing today
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Financing your new AC or solar panel system allows you a peace of mind knowing that your family is protected, that your home is in good hands, and that your new service is affordable and easy to get.

Our lending partners make getting your new home improvement easy and safe. All of our lending partners put the customer first, making sure you approve that our finished work is done well before we get paid.

Homeowners trust Mr. John Air Conditioning, Heating, and Solar Energy with their professional home renovation projects because they know that Mr. John is hard at work to give homeowners only the best. We believe that putting our customers first is the only way to do good business, and we stand by that in financing options that we offer.

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Synchrony Financial

Synchrony Financial is one of the nation’s leading private lenders. Synchrony Financial works with homeowners and consumers to allow them to be able to finance the things they need. Synchrony financial offers both first- and second- look financing for all applicants, making sure that people with all credit scores can have access to financing when they need it.

Synchrony offers competitive rates and a wide variety of plan lengths to fit your needs. We like Synchrony for being customer friendly and for their rigorous customer identity protection.

To see if you qualify for financing your new system, follow this link to apply

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GreenSky is a large scale lending partner that has been built with the purpose of making it  easy for customers to access affordable financing for their home improvement purposes. GreenSky connects prospective buyers with federally insured banks that provide the desired low-interest loans through an easy and transparent process. 

We like GreenSky for their customer-friendly rates, their easy to use platform, and their commitment to customer service.